1. What is Bitcoin mixer?
The main disadvantage of bitcoin is that any transaction can be tracked by blockchain. A bitcoin mixer mixes coins from different participants, making it much more difficult to track transactions.
The disadvantage of the usual mixer is that when you send your bitcoins to the mixer, you may end up with someone else's coins with a bad origin story. So instead of anonymity, you get big problems.
Our mixer has "Total Anonymity" mode, using which you get purified coins from bitcoin exchanges, with guaranteed good history.
2. What is "Precise Payment" mode?
Exact payment - full analogue of "Full Anonymity" mode with the only difference that specified amount will be sent to the address indicated in the first field, whereas in "Full Anonymity the amount is randomly split to both addresses".
3. Is it necessary to specify 2 addresses in "Exact payment" and "Full Anonymity"?
No. You can specify the same address in both fields. All funds will go to your specified purse.
However, we have not just put a system with 2 addresses, in the case of "exact payment" is necessary for what would carry out any payment (for someone else's purse) the exact amount, and get change in his wallet. In the case of "complete anonymity" 2 addresses can further anonymize the purge, because it will be impossible to compare the amount of outgoing and incoming funds, and therefore even indirectly establish a relationship between purses.
4. How many confirmations does bitcoin network need? Is it possible to speed it up?
To start clearing, you need your incoming transaction to have 1 network confirmation. Unfortunately we can't speed up this process. Transactions with high fees and priority are usually validated in 5-20 minutes, and those with very low fees can take up to several days.
You can wait for the confirmation of the transaction (it will not be removed from the mixer) or use a transaction gas pedal (google: "Transaction Accelerator").
5. I accidentally closed my browser, what will happen to my bitcoins?
If you sent us your bitcoins, they will come back to you in any case, within the time specified in the guarantee letter and clearing mode. If you didn't have time to send your bitcoins to our wallet, then the purging will not start, but you will still have your coins. In this case just create another order on the site.
6. How long does incoming address work?
Incoming address is valid for 7 days (168 hours). All payments made after this time will be ignored. Therefore, please do not send money after 7 days.
7. What kind of logs do you keep?
We do not keep logs. All service information required for the cleanup is wiped within 24 hours of the completion of the cleanup. Thereafter, the only proof of cleaning in our service is a letter of guarantee, which stays with you.
8. What are the maximum and minimum transaction amounts?
Minimal amount for purging is 0,001 btc (Mixer mode).
All amounts less than that will be treated as donations.
Maximum volume for one transaction:
Mixer: 1 btc.
Full anonymity: 50 btc.
9. My money did not come, what should I do?
Do not panic!
First, check with blockchain.info that you sent coins to the system-generated wallet.
If you see your incoming transaction, make sure it is confirmed and it is more than 2 or 6 hours since 1st confirmation (depending on mode). It is very likely that you sent a payment with a low fee and it took a long time to be validated.
If the transaction is confirmed, but coins are not returned to you, write to our support and attach the replenishment address given by our mixer and preferably a letter of guarantee. We will definitely look into it.If the delay was our fault, we will refund your commission.